Cure-tex mini Screen Printing Dryer by AWT

Cure-tex mini dryer by AWT

Entry level dryer to bootstrap your micro screen printing shop

If you're trying to start your screen printing operation using a tiny footprint, this little dryer is for you. It plugs into a standard wall outlet, making it easy to install anywhere without hiring an electrician.

Feature benefits

If you're trying to run a micro screen printing operation by using a flash unit to cure your inks, it's time to end the shame! No more under curing your inks; no more scorching garments; and no more praying the ink doesn't wash out again.

Please note: The Cure-tex dryer has a 7 week lead time. When you place your order, production of the unit begins. The price of the unit does not include the freight and crating which will be billed when your order is ready to ship. Call 813-931-5676 for a freight quote. Crating is $125.