Silver Press Has a Deep Registration Gate

Because the Silver Press has a deep registration gate, it doesn't suffer from the registration wobble that other presses with a more shallow gate have. The wobble on the shallow gate presses can cause blurry edges on your prints or misalignment between colors.

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Video Transcription

Speaking of registration or when you are lining your screens up, let's talk a little about the Silver Presses registration fork and how it works. When you turn your screen and you pull your screen down, this part of this bar here (points to screen arm) comes down inside this registration fork. That locks your screen, keeping it from moving from side to side. If you see a little bit of wiggle here, that's just the platform itself, and not the screen with respect to the platen. I'll show you what it looks like when your screen locks between the forks. (video camera zooms in on press arm coming into place.) See, there's the screen falling down into the fork.

The nice thing is that the Silver Press has a pretty deep registration gate. I'll show you the depth of the gate (zooms in with camera). Look at the screen coming down into the registration gate. You can see how it goes deep into the registration gate right here (pointing with finger). So the screw contacts right here (indicates with finger). There's plenty of distance where this drops down.

Here's the reason that's good: you want a deep registration gate because on some presses that don't have it, the arm comes down and the head doesn't sit flush, causing problems. (Video closeup of press with a shallow gate.) These teflon bolts then can wear unevenly, and that can cause a wobble in your screen. That's pretty much a registration nightmare. The deep registration gate avoids that problem.

There's a lot of discussion about whether teflon bolts or metal rollers are better for a registration gate. Some presses have metal rollers instead (video of a gate with metal rollers). The Silver Press, because it's made out of aluminum, IS much better off with teflon bolts because otherwise, the aluminum would wear unevenly.

Learn more about the silver press tabletop screen printing press